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LAST UPDATED : 22.July.2014


NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) "Spawn" Official Baseball T-Shirt
Second edition of NunSlaughter baseball series.
Limited to 33 only hand-numbered copies high quality both side
printed shirt --->  sold out the first press!
White shirt with black sleeves & available sizes : M, L & XL
All shirts comes with a sticker and a calendar with the hand-number
as bonus.
Second (the last) press only 22 hand-numbered copies with also a sticker
and a calendar ---> sold out all !


BILSKIRNIR (Ger) / MARBLEBOG (Hun) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and the first 100 in
pale red clear vinyl & 200 in black vinyl ---> available !
13 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> sold out !

EVIL (Bra) / MOLOCH (Ukr) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies ---> last copies !
15 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copies !

Limited to 388 hand-numbered copies and the first 133 in white
vinyl & 255 in black vinyl ---> Only the black vinyl available !

: New in stock :

NunSlaughter (Usa) - Deathcharge Tour 2014 Official T-Shirt
Death Sentence /pre-NunSlaughter/ (Usa)  - Before The Slaughter 7" EP
Bilskirnir (Ger) - Wolfswut Official T-Shirt
Sombre Chemin (Fra) - Hétérodoxie Official T-Shirt
Graveland (Pol) - Raise Your Sword Official T-Shirt
Nitberg (Rus) - Nitsanger CD
Raven Dark (Rus) - Autumn Roar CD
Niflheim (Can) - Neurasthénie CD
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) - Dynamics Of Creation CD
Prevalent Resistance (Fin) - To Live Again And Dominate CD
Gorgoroth (Nor) - Pentagram DigiPack CD
Gorgoroth (Nor) - Antichrist DigiPack CD
Gorgoroth (Nor) - Under The Sign Of Hell DigiPack CD
Bolt Thrower (UK) ‎- War Master 12" LP
Violator (Bra) - Scenarios Of Brutality CD
Draugurz (Bra) - A Yell From The Past CD
Gospel Of The Horns (Aus) - A Call To Arms CD
Gospel Of The Horns (Aus) - Realm Of The Damned CD
Valknacht (Can) ‎- When The Might Of The Storm Becomes Mine CD
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Hells Filth MC
NunSlaughter (Usa) / All These While (Mal) - Split 7" EP
Vomitor (Aus) - Devils Poison CD
Furze ‎(Nor) - Furze 7" EP
Furze ‎(Nor) - First Feast For Freedom 7" EP
Tangorodrim (Il) - Unholy Metal Way CD
Tangorodrim (Il) - Those Who Unleashed CD
Tangorodrim (Il) - Two Iron Rules 7" EP
Nocturnal Breed (Nor) - Fields Of Rot CD
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits (Aus) / Kazaviel (Aus) - Split 7" EP
Forbidden Citadel Of Spirits (Aus) / Krüel Kömmando (Fra) - Split 7" EP

: Soon in stock :

Witchaven (Usa) - Sacrifical Burnt Offering 7" EP
Darkthrone (Nor) - Night Wing 7" EP
Sadistik Exekution (Aus) - Fukk Official T-Shirt