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LAST UPDATED : 09.Febr.2016


TEMPLE BELOW (Chl/Swe) "Dies Irae"
Tape edition

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Pro factory made cut to size tape,with pro printed cover
and same program on each sides.
100 copies of the tape comes with high quality woven patch.
The first 50 copies comes with high quality both side printed
T-Shirt & also the high quality woven patch.




MIDNIGHT (Usa) "Prowling Leather" 
Official Baseball T-Shirt
Limited to 66 copies on high quality Fruit of the Loom baseball
shirt. Both side printed & last edition of this great design!
Available in S,M,L,XL & XXL sizes.


MIDNIGHT (Usa) "Prowling Leather" 
Official T-Shirt & Girlie
Limited to 66 copies & 33 copies.
Available T-Shirt sizes : S,M,L & XL ---> Sold Out!
Available Girlie sizes : S,M & L ---> few copies left!

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) / MOLOCH (Ukr) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to only 144 hand-numbered copies.
The first 56 copies on green vinyl, the rest are on black vinyl.
11 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copy!
---> only few copies left from black vinyl version!
Strictly limited edition & act fast!

BILSKIRNIR (Ger) / MARBLEBOG (Hun) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and the first 100 in
pale red clear vinyl & 200 in black vinyl ---> available !
13 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> sold out !

EVIL (Bra) / MOLOCH (Ukr) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies ---> last copy !
15 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copy !

Limited to 388 hand-numbered copies and the first 133 in white
vinyl & 255 in black vinyl ---> Only the black vinyl available !
12 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copies !


Desaster (Ger) - Divine Blasphemies MC
Mgła (Pol) ‎- Presence MCD
Sepultura (Bra) - Arise MC
Opeth (Swe) - Damnation MC
In Flames (Swe) - Colony MC
Mercyful Fate (Den) - The Bell Witch MC
Manowar (Usa) - Warriors Of The World MC
Overkill (Usa) - Fuck You And Then Some MC
Amon Amarth (Swe) - Once Sent From The Golden Hall MC
Hell Molestor (Usa) - Live Rehearsal Consecration MC
Nyktalgia (Ger) - Nyktalgia CD
Austere (Aus) - Withering Illusions And Desolation CD
Austere (Aus) / Isolation (Ger) - Bleak ... CD
Vinterriket (Ger) - Eiszwielicht DigiPack CD
Vinterriket (Ger) / Orodruin (Ned) - Split CD
Regnum (Ger) - Weil Alles Einst Zerbrechen Muss CD
Jenkem (Usa) - I'm Glad You're Dead (The Complete Shit) CD
Funeral Mourning (Aus) / Kilte (Bel) - Emission Through Self ... CD
Mareritt (Nor) - Hymner Til Døden Og Mørket MCD
Cry Of Silence (Gre) - Wandering Through Pagan Times CD
Cry Of Silence (Gre) - Walking Through The Eternal Tragedy CD
Audiopain (Nor) / Amok (Nor) - Split MC
Scaremaker (Usa) - Burning Inquisition MC
Bestial Torture (Fin) - Blackened Metal Damnation MC
Dunkelheit (Hun) - Eternal Curse Of The Carpathians MC
Nuclëar Fröst (Bra) - Winter Bombs 83 / D-Beat War 83 MC
Purification Kommando (Den) / Offerkult (Den) - Nuclear War MC
Evil Angel (Fin) / Slugathor (Fin) - Fuck Off, Fuck Off Live! MC
Terror Firmer (Ita) / Humus (Ita) - Split 7" EP
Terror Firmer (Ita) / Minkions (Ita) - Split 7" EP
Warbringer (Usa) - Living Weapon 7" EP


Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - Opferblut 12" LP
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - Black Metal Kommando 12" LP
Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - Carelian Satanist Madness 12" LP
Bestial Warlust (Aus) - Hells Fuckin Militia Official T-Shirt