2010. október 6., szerda


LAST UPDATED : 17. Febr. 2019


NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) "Goat" 12" LP  
(15th Anniversary Edition)

Limited to only 66 hand-numbered copies on three different colours
with a high quality pro woven patch with the front cover's artwork &
an OBI strip too. First 22 copies on black vinyl, 22 copies on clear
vinyl & and the rest 22 copies on golden vinyl.

Last 2 copies available in pre order & thanx a lot all of you for the support :-)


You can see here a sample pic about the new cover artwork 
and the patch too,more real pics upcoming when ready all :-)


TEMPLE BELOW (Chl/Swe) "Dies Irae"
Tape edition

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Pro factory made cut to size tape,with pro printed cover
and same program on each sides.
100 copies of the tape comes with high quality woven patch.
The first 50 copies comes with high quality both side printed
T-Shirt & also the high quality woven patch.
Regular version sold out, only few copies available from the
T-shirt and the Patches version!

Last few copies left from the T-Shirt version!



MIDNIGHT (Usa) "Prowling Leather" 
Official Baseball T-Shirt
Limited to 66 copies on high quality Fruit of the Loom baseball
shirt. Both side printed & last edition of this great design!
Beware! The baseball shirt is one size smaller than the regular
and if you wear L size the XL is fit for you ;-)
Available in S,M,XL & XXL sizes. ---> last copies!


MIDNIGHT (Usa) "Prowling Leather" 
Official T-Shirt & Girlie
Limited to 66 copies & 33 copies.
Available T-Shirt sizes : S,M & XL,XXL ---> few copies left!
Available Girlie sizes : S,M & L ---> few copies left!

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) / MOLOCH (Ukr) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to only 144 hand-numbered copies.
The first 56 copies on green vinyl, the rest are on black vinyl.
(Only 1 copy available from the green vinyl version)
11 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copy!
Strictly limited edition & act fast!

BILSKIRNIR (Ger) / MARBLEBOG (Hun) "Split" 7" EP
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and the first 100 in pale red
clear vinyl & 200 in black vinyl ---> last copy!
13 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copy!

Limited to 388 hand-numbered copies and the first 133 in white
vinyl & 255 in black vinyl ---> Only the black vinyl available!
12 hand-numbered test-press with different cover ---> last copy!


NunSlaughter (Usa) - Goat CD
Maeotis (Hun) - Vérbulcsú CD
Sieghetnar (Ger) - Bewußtseinserweiterung CD
Pokolgép (Hun) - Totális Metál MC
Assassin (Ger) - Interstellar Experience CD
Bestial Mockery (Swe) - Sepulchral Wrath CD
Bestial Mockery (Swe) / Destruktor (Aus) - Metal Of Death MCD
Helltrain (Swe) - Route 666 7" EP
Metalucifer (Jpn) - Heavy Metal NarokOsaka Chainsaw Massacre CD
Black Witchery (Usa) - Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom Patch & Badge
Attic (Ger) / Walpurgis Night (Ita) - Split 7" EP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Cursed In Hexico 7" EP
Iron Maiden (UK) - Rainmaker 7" EP
Judas Priest (UK) - Revolution 7" PIC EP
V/A - No Surrender! Vol. 1 & 2 CD
Bestial Mockery (Swe) - Sepulchral Wrath 10" MLP
Tormentor /Pre- KREATOR/ (Ger) - Satan's Day 7" EP
Tormentor /Pre- KREATOR/ (Ger) - Blitzkrieg / End Of The World 12" LP
King Diamond (Dnk) - The Family Ghost 12" MLP
King Diamond (Dnk) - No Presents For Christmas 12" MLP
Judas Priest (UK) - Unleashed In The East 12" LP
Ferocity Fanzine - Issue # 7.
King Diamond (Dnk) - Abigail: In Concert 2016 7" EP
Birth Ritual (Jpn) - Witching Metal 7" EP
Inferno (Cze) / Fagyhamu (Hun) - Split 7" EP
Centinex (Swe) - Apocalyptic Armageddon 7" EP
The Howling Wind (Usa) - Mortuary Laboratory 7" EP
Thou Shalt Suffer (Nor) - Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation 7" EP
MooM (Isr) - Double EP MC
Death (Usa) - Leprosy CD
Toxic Holocaust (Usa) - Life Is A Lie 7" EP
Midnight (Usa) - Too Loud (For The Crowd) 7" EP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Goat (Rough Mix) 7" EP
V/A: True Thrash Fest 2013 Double CD 
Sterbend (Ger) - Dwelling Lifeless CD
Iron Maiden (UK) - Aces High 7" EP
Kill (Swe) / Slaughtbbath (Chi) - Split 7" EP
Exumer (Ger) - Possessed By Fire 12" LP
Bestial Mockery (Swe) - Slaying The Life Official 3/4 Sleeves Shirt
Bolt Thrower (UK) - Those Still Loyal Tour 2006 Official LS
Inquisition (Col/Usa) - Magnificent Glorification... Official T-Shirt