12 & 10 LP

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Abigail (Jpn) / Morbid Upheaval (Ita) - Split 10" MLP
[Drakkar Productions / 500 copies]
Thrashing Black'n' Roll Metal Kamikazes clash with
macabre Old School Death Metal recorded live in studio
exclusive single pressed on 10" white vinyl. 10 €

Angantyr (Dnk) - Endeløs / Nordens Stolte Krigere DBL 10" MLP
[Northern Silence Productions / 666 copies]
Raw Old School Black Metal from Denmark.The "Endeløs" demo 
(originally released in 1998) and the "Nordens Stolte Krigere" demo
(originally released in 2001) materials on deluxe double 10" MLPs. 10 €

Angantyr (Dnk) - Kampen Fortsætter 12" LP
[Blut & Eisen Productions  / 350 hand-numbered copies]
Rare Raw Old School Black Metal first full-lenght from Denmark. 
LP version contains a bonus track recorded in 2004. 20 €

Angantyr (Dnk) - Sejr 12" LP + 7" EP
[Northern Silence Productions / 666 hand-numbered copies]
Rare raw Old School Black Metal from Denmark. 
Deluxe gatelfold cover. 12" LP + a 7" EP version. 17 €

Arckanum (Swe) - The 11 Year Anniversary Album 12" LP
[Blut & Eisen Productions / 1000 copies]
Deluxe rare gatefold LP version of this Swedish Kvlt
Black Metal classic + bonus poster. 25 €

Arkona (Rus) - Ot Serdca K Nebu 12" DBL LP
[Bloodred Horizon Records / 150 copies]
Great Russian Folk/Pagan Metal band from Moscow. Deluxe
heavy gatefold cover with UV-Laque & printed innersleeves.
Double nice purple vinyl version, only 150 copies. 18 €

Assassin (Ger) - Interstellar Experience 12" PIC LP
Deluxe rare picture LP of this Thrash Metal classic from
Germany  + bonus outer holed cover. 30 €

Assault (Chl) - Nuclear Deaththrash 12" LP
[Necromancer Records / 500 copies]
Great Blackened Death/Thrash Metal horde from Chile.
Deluxe full colour gatefold LP on clear red vinyl with
black splatter. Comes with a poster too. 12 €

Atomizer (Aus) ‎- Death - Mutation - Disease - Annihilation 12" PIC LP
[Hells Headbangers Records]
Atomizer's second album released as a picture disc with a bonus track
cover song of Venom's "Black Metal." Comes with a custom outer die-cut
cover and heavy-stock insert with lyrics and band photos.11 tracks with 
remastered sound of Evil Fuckin, Hell Rockin, Black Slayin'Metal. 12 €

Atomizer (Aus) ‎- The Death Of Forever 12" PIC LP
[Hells Headbangers Records]
Atomizer's first album released as a picture disc with two bonus tracks
from "Demo 98'" Comes with a custom outer die-cut cover and heavy-stock
insert with lyrics and band photos.Ten tracks with remastered sound of 
Evil Fuckin, Hell Rockin, Black Slayin' Metal. 12 €

Axewielder (Ger) - Heavy Metal Law 10" PIC MLP
[Metal Coven Records / 300 copies]
Great Old School German Heavy Metal deluxe picture vinyl + insert. 13 €

Beatrik (Ita) - Requiem Of December 12" LP
[Eternity Records / 500 hand-numbered copies]
Great Depressive Black Metal. Comes in Deluxe Colour
Gatefold cover and with black glossy inner sleeve. 12 €

Bestial Warlust (Aus) - Vengeance War 'Till Death 12" PIC LP
[Black Ace Records / 500 copies]
Rare deluxe picture disc version of this War/Black/Death  Metal 
Masterpiece from OZ + bonus a huge poster & outer holed cover. 50 €

Bilskirnir (Ger) - Ahnenerbe 12" LP
[Einsatzkommando Prod. & Wunjo Kunstschmiede Germanien]
Rare Great Raw Heathen Black Metal material. 18 €

Black Circle (Swe) - Behold My Visions And Wisdom 12" LP
[Anti-Xtian Terror Records]
Great rare raw Black Metal debut LP from Sweden for 
Darkthone and Judas Iscariot fans. 9 €

Blood Red Fog (Fin) / Funerary Bell (Fin) - Split 10" MLP
[Obscure Abhorrence Productions / 300 copies]
Rare Finnish Black Metal split material. 12 €

Blüdwülf (Usa) / Children Of Technology (Ita) 
‎Tiger Junkies (Usa/Jpn) - Break The Chains 12" LP
[Break The Chains]
Great Dirty Thrash/Punk/Metal 3 way split material in
deluxe nice picture vinyl with relular sleeve too. 15 €

Bornholm (Hun) - Inexorable Defiance 12" LP
[W-Arts Records]
Great Occult/Pagan Black Metal. Deluxe nice full colour hard
gatefold cover with full colour 6 sided insert with lyrics. 12 €

Cultus (Ned) / Meslamtaea (Ned) - Split 12" LP
[Heidens Hart Records]
Underground Dutch Pagan Black Metal split material. 7 €

Deathgate Arkanum (Ger) - Totenwerke 12" LP
[Raging Bloodlust Records / 250 hand-numbered copies]
Rare German Black Metal full-lenght.Deluxe gatefold cover. 17 €

Deathgate Arkanum (Ger) / Branstock (Ger) /
Cultus (Ned) / Odal (Ger) - Split 10" MLP
[Raging Bloodlust Records / 100 hand-numbered copies]
Black Metal split. Rare red vinyl. 35 €

Delirium Tremens (Ger) - Thrashing Warthogs 12" LP
[Merciless Records / 100 copies]
Great rare Old School Thrash Metal. Rare green vinyl version. Comes
with deluxe colour Gatefold cover, poster and printed inner sleeve. 35 €

Denial Of God (Den) - Klabautermanden 12" LP
[Painkiller Records / 100 copies]
Great Horror Black Metal Kvlt from Denmark.
Rare strictly limited red vinyl version with insert. 35 €

Denial Of God (Den) - Death And The Beyond 12" DBL LP
[Hells Headbangers Records]
Great Horror Black Metal Kvlt from Denmark.
Deluxe nice full colour gatefold cover with four sided insert. 30 €

Desaster (Ger) - Ten Years Of Total Desaster 12" DBL LP
[Merciless Records]‎
Rare great collection of demo/unreleased tracks from mighty
German Black/Thrash horde.Double vinyl,gatefold cover.Includes
an 8 page - 12" by 12" book with many pictures,lyrics,notes. 40 €

Drowning The Light (Aus) - Flames Of Sacrifice 10" MLP
[Zyklon-B Productions / 100 copies]
Include the track "Spill the Blood of the Lamb" 
from the "Dungeon Rehearsal" tape as a bonus track.
Black multicolor vinyl version. 15 €

Drowning The Light (Aus) - The Land Of The Dead Sun 10" MLP
[Hammer Of Hate / 400 copies]
Great raw Satanic Black Metal MLP from Australia. 13 €

Drudkh (Ukr) - Slavonic Chronicles 10" MLP
[Season Of Mist Underground Activists]
Limited rare MLP from Heathen Black Metal heroes
from Ukraine. Contains a coupon to download. 15 €

Erhabenheit (Ger) / Wolfthorn (Ger) - Split 12" MLP
[Raging Bloodlust Records]
Raw German Black Metal split material. Comes with inside
out printed cover and printed innersleeve incl. lyrics. 7 €

Falkenbach (Ger) - ... En Their Medh Riki Fara... 12" LP
[No Colours Records]
Kvlt Viking/Heathen/Black Metal first full-lenght Masterpiece. 15 €

Galgeras (Ned) - Booswichterij 12" LP
[Sadolust Records]
Great raw Black Metal from the deep of the 
Underground. Deluxe quality gatefold cover. 7 €
http://www.metal-archiv es.com/bands/Galgeras/

Gates Of Ishtar (Swe) - At Dusk And Forever 12" PIC LP
[Invasion Records]
Great rare picture disc version of this Melodic Death Metal
Masterpiece from Sweden with an only vinyl bonus track. 17 €

Gnostic (Usa) - Bloodwar's Of Heretic Supremacy 12" LP
[Ordealis Records]
Rare raw fast War Black/Death Metal first full-lenght. 15 €

Goddess Of Desire (Ned) - Conquerors Divine 12" LP
[Perverted Taste]
Traditional Dirty Satanic Speed Metal Kvlt from Netherlands. 9 €

Gravewürm (Usa) - Ancient Storms Of War 12" LP
[NunSlaughter Rec. & Hells Headbangers Rec. / 100 copies]
Pure Death/Thrash Metal from the States. Rare lim. orange vinyl. 20 €

Grimfaug (Bel) - Blood Upon The Face Of Creation 12" LP  
[Painiac Records / 320 hand-numbered copies]
Great Old School Black Metal from Belgium. Rare LP. 13 €

HammerFall (Swe) - Hearts On Fire 12" MLP
[Nuclear Blast]
Deluxe colour MLP of this great Heavy Metal 
Maxi with a Twisted Sister coversong too. 14 €

HammerFall (Swe) - Renegade 12" PIC LP
[Nuclear Blast]
Deluxe rare picture LP of this great Heavy Metal album
with original Nuclear Blast holed outer sleeve. 30 €

Hetroertzen (Chl/Swe) - Flying Across The Misty Gardens 12" LP
[Northern Silence Productions /  500 hand-numbered copies]
Rare Kvlt Black Metal material.New artwork edition track
B3 is a vinyl-only bonus track + double-sided 12x12" insert
with lyrics & photos. 25 €

Horna (Fin) - Viha Ja Viikate 10" MLP
[Obscure Abhorrence Productions / 400 hand-numbered copies]
Rare Kult Black Metal MLP from Finland.Deluxe Gatelold cover. 25 €

Horna (Fin) / Kerberos (Ned) - Goatfucking Gent 12" LP
[Obscure Abhorrence Productions / 738 hand-numbered copies]
Split live attack from these UG Black Metallers. 13 €

Hypnosia (Swe) - Extreme Hatred 12" MLP
[Hammerheart Records]
Rare first press fast Old School Thrash Metal LP from Sweden. 44 €

Hypothermia (Swe) / Grimnir (Aut) / Regnum (Ger) /
Trist (Cze) - Split 12" LP
[Raging Bloodlust Records]
Raw Black Metal 4 way split only vinyl release.
All songs exclusive to this release.  15 €

Impaled Nazarene (Fin) - Death Comes In 26 Carefully Selected
Pieces 10" DBL MLP
[Osmose Productions / 500 copies]
Double vinyl black/green splatter vinyl in deluxe gatefold covers. 26 €

Impious Havoc (Fin) - Monuments Of Suffering 12" LP
[Aphelion Productions / 375 hand-numbered copies]
Raw Black Metal for Darkthrone fans. This LP version
has exclusive three bonus tracks. 10 €

Impious Havoc (Fin) - The Great Day Of Wrath 12" LP
[Sombre Records / 350 hand-numbered copies]
Rare raw Black Metal first full-lenght. 15 €

In Aeternum (Swe) - The Pestilent Plague 12" PIC LP
[Necropolis Records / 300 copies]
Swedish Black/Death Metal. Exclusive bonus track
"Cursed Legions" Deluxe Picture vinyl version. 12 €

Infernal (Swe) - Infernal 12" MLP
[Vinyl Collectors]
Rare Satanic Black/Death Metal material with
Blackmoon from ex-Dark Funeral & ex-WAR. 20 €

Kargvint (Ger) - Seelenwerk's Fortgang 12" LP
[Eternity Rec. & Blut & Eisen Prod. / 100 copies]
Rare raw German Black Metal. Limited red vinyl version with
printed inner-sleeves, a silver logo patch and A2 Poster. 20 €

Kältetod (Ger) - Leere 12" LP
[Eternity Records]
Rare great Depressive Black Metal LP from Germany. 20 €

King Diamond (Den) - Diamond Bangin Minneapolis 12" PIC LP
[Bloody Axe Music / 200 copies]
Recorded live august 3rd 1986. Minneapolis, MN USA.
Very rare deluxe picture vinyl + bonus outer holed cover. 77 €

Kargvint (Ger) / Klage (Ger) - Split 12" LP
[Eternity Records / 100 hand-numbered copies]
Great rare Depressive Black Metal split LP from
Germany. 100 copies white vinyl version. 40 €

Lyrinx (UK) - Ending The Circle Of Life 12" LP
[Insidious Poisoning Rec. & Eternity Rec. / 500 copies]
Great Depressive Black Metal. The material for this vinyl release 
has been taken from the split with Austere.Comes with lyrics inlay. 12 €

Metalucifer (Jpn) - Heavy Metal Drill 12" PIC LP
[Iron Pegasus Records / 666 copies]
Rare deluxe picture vinyl + + bonus outer holed cover. 25 €

Midnight (Usa) - Berlin Is Burning 12" LP
[Nuclear War Now! Productions / 400 copies]
Great rare collection of the Demos + a bonus track. 25 €

Midnight (Usa) - Satanic Royalty 12" LP
[Hells Headbangers Records] 
Comes in a glossy jacket with heavy printed inner 
sleeve & large 18" x 24" poster. Nice purple vinyl. 23 €

Morbosidad (Usa) / Perversor (Chl) - Invocaciones Demoniacas 12" LP
[Nuclear War Now! Productions]
Kvlt rare Bestial War/Black/Death Metal split LP."Die Hard" version on
a nice yellow vinyl with Morbosidad & Perversor patches + insert. 35 €

Myrkwid (Ger) - Part 2. 12" LP
[Eternity Rec. & Dunkelwad Prod. / 300 hand-numbered copies]
Rare Black Metal full-lenght from Germany. 20 €

Nachtmystium (Usa) - Eulogy IV 12" LP
[Perverted Taste Records / 400 hand-numbered copies]
Kult rare Black Metal material with Ildjarn & Von covers too. 13 €

Nachtmystium (Usa) - Nachtmystium 12" MLP
[Painiac Records / 400 hand-numbered copies]
Kult Black Metal material with a Judas Iscariot cover. 18 €

Necronomicon Beast (Bra) - Hell Thrash War 12" LP
[Iron Bonehead Productions / 500 hand-numbered copies]
Great Blackened Thrash Metal band from Brazil. 9 €

Nocturnal (Ger) - Thrash With The Devil 12" MLP
[Deathstrike Records / 500 hand-numbered copies]
Rare Old School German Thrash Metal material. 20 €

Nomans Land (Rus) - Hammerfrost 12" LP
[Det Germanske Folket ‎& Einheit Prod.]
Great Viking/Black Metal with Folk melodies from 
Saint Petersburg. Rare limited nice blue vinyl. 14 €

NunSlaughter (Usa) - Unhallowed Thoughts 12" LP
[Turanian Honour Productions / 66 hand-numbered copies]
The Masters of Devil Death Metal.Limited to only 66 hand-numbered
copies with a high quality pro woven patch with the front cover's
artwork & a poster with same artwork. The first 33 copies on clear vinyl
with red bordered patch & the rest 33 copies on black vinyl with black
bordered patch. Clear vinyl (overcopies with name number) or Black vinyl
version (33 copies) : 35 €  ---> last copy !

October Falls (Fin) - The Streams Of The End 12" MLP 
[Debemur Morti Productions]
Great rare nature inspired Black Metal vinyl from Finland. 14 €

October Falls (Fin) - Tuoni 10" MLP  
[Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions / 400 copies]
Great rare nature inspired acoustic music from Finland. 10 €

Paragon (Ger) - The Dark Legacy 12" LP
[Remedy Records / 250 copies]
German Heavy Metal full-lenght from Hamburg.
Deluxe rare picture LP with relular sleeve too. 20 €

Pentacle (Ned) - Archaic Undead Fury 10" MLP
[Iron Pegasus Records]
Masters of Old School Ancient Death Metal with
ASPHYX member. Bonus poster. 13 €

Profanatica (Usa) - The Grand Masters Session Box Set 
[Hells Headbangers Records]
Exclusive, rare & unique release from this kvlt insane
Black/Death Metal horde. 3x 10" MLPs in nice wooden box. 40 €

Raate (Fin) - Halki Kuolleen Maan... 12" LP
[W.T.C. Productions / 400 copies]
Great Rare Black Metal from Finland for Burzum fans.
Reissue of "Demo I" on vinyl with printed sleeve. 25 €

Sabbat (Jpn) - Evoke 12" LP
[Hells Headbangers Records / 222 hand-numbered copies]
Rare red & black splatter vinyl version with deluxe 
gatefold cover and bonus a huge poster. 50 €

Sabbat (Jpn) - Satanasword 12" PIC LP
[Iron Pegasus Records]
Rare deluxe picture vinyl + bonus outer holed cover. 55 €

Sadogoat (Den) - Et In Arcadia Ego/Malleus Maleficarum 12" PIC LP
[Unholy Horde Records / 207 copies]
Danish Black/Death Metal band. Founded in 1998.
Changed name to SADOMATOR. Collection of their
"Et In Arcadia Ego" & "Malleus Maleficarum" Demo
materials. Deluxe picture vinyl with insert. 35 €

Satanic Warmaster (Fin) - Black Metal Kommando 12" LP
[No Colours Records]
Unholy kvlt Black Metal collection material from Finland. 16 €

Sepultura (Bra) - Morbid Visions 12" LP
[Cogumelo Records Unofficial Release]
Unofficial high quality pressing replicating the original 
Cogumelo pressing. Comes in a rare unique grey marbled
multicoloured vinyl + original printed insert too. 55 €

Sodom (Ger) - The Sins Of Sodom 12" LP
[Unofficial Release / 500 hand-numbered copies]
Rare nice deluxe blue marbled vinyl copmpilation 
from "Witching Metal" & "Victims of Death" Demos. 38 €

Slaughter Command (Ger) - Ride The Tornado 12" LP
[Iron Bonehead Productions / 300 copies]
Dirty Rotten Old School Thrash Metal from Germany. 13 €

Sombre Chemin (Fra) / Eole Noir (Bel) - Split  10" MLP
[Sabbath's Fire Records / 500 hand-numbered copies]
Rare raw underground Black Metal split material. White vinyl. 10 €

Sombre Chemin (Fra) - Notre Héritage Ancestral 12" LP
[Sabbath's Fire Records / 514 hand-numbered copies]
Raw Frech Underground Black Metal full-lenght.
Deluxe colour hard gatefold cover and brown vinyl. 10 €

Suicidal Winds (Swe) - Crush Us With Fire 12" MLP
[No Colours Records / 400 handnumbered copies]
Great rare Black/Thrash material from Sweden. 10 €

Suicidal Winds (Swe) - Victims In Blood 12" LP
[No Colours Records]
Great rare Black/Thrash full-lenght album from Sweden. 12 €

Swordmaster (Swe) - Moribund Transgoria 12" LP
[Osmose Productions]
Black/Death Metal from Sweden. 8 €

Taake (Nor) / Gigantomachy (Nor) - Split 10" MLP
[Agonia Records]
Rare Black Metal split MLP from Norway. 10 €

The Ruins Of Beverast (Ger) / Deathgate Arkanum (Ger) / 
Nihil Nocturne (Ger) / Anti (Ger) - Gott In Uns 12" LP
[Obscure Abhorrence Productions / 500 hand-numbered copies]
German rare Black Metal split with exclusive songs. Comes in deluxe
colour gatefold sleeve with UV laquer and 2 thick inlays. 30 €

Throneum (Pol) - Mutiny Of Death 12" PIC LP
[Apocalyptor Records / 300 copies]
Polish Raw Old School Death Metal full-lenght.
Deluxe rare picture LP with relular sleeve too. 8 €

Twisted Tower Dire (Usa) - Crest Of The Martyrs 12" PIC LP
[Remedy Records / 250 copies]
Great rare Heavy Metal from the States. Deluxe pic. LP + cover. 25 €

Vinterriket (Ger) - Von Eiskristallen... Und Dem Ewigen Chaos 10" MLP
[Neodawn Prod. & Regimental Rec. / 500 copies]
Rare Ambient/Black Metal MLP from Germany. 10 €

Voids Of Vomit (Ita) - Veritas Vltima Vitae 12" LP
[Blood Harvest]
Occultist Old School Death Metal from Italy. 12 €

Witchburner (Ger) - Final Detonation 12" LP
[Undercover Records / 200 hand-numbered copies]
German Old School Thrash Metal full-lenght album.
Rare orange vinyl version with deluxe gatfold cover. 35 €

Witchburner (Ger) - German Thrashing War 12" MLP
[R.I.P. Records / 300 copies]
German Old School Thrash Metal material.
Rare clear vinyl version. 17 €

Witchmaster (Pol) - Masochistic Devil Worship 12" PIC LP
[Agonia Records / 200 copies]
Polish Evil Death/Black/Thrash Metal full-lenght with a Sodom
and Sarcofago covers too. Rare Deluxe picture vinyl version. 12 €

Wizard (Ger) - Odin 12" PIC LP
[Limb Music Productions]
Great German Power/Speed Metal album on a deluxe picture LP.
Comes with full cover artwork poster and outer cover. 15 €

Wolfsschrei (Ger) - Feasting My Hatred 12" LP
[Darkland Records / 328 handnumbered copies]
Great Black Metal horde with Odal member. 7 €

Victimizer (Dnk) - Unholy Banners Of Victimizer 12" LP
[Hells Headbangers Records]
Great Speed/Thrash Metal from Denmark. Collection of "Unholy 
Banners of War" demo, a previously unused intro 2 cover 
(MOTÖRHEAD & NUNSLAUGHTER) tracks & a new track. 12 €

Vidsyn (Nor) - On Frostbitten Path Beneath 10" MLP
[Agonia Records]
Black Metal from Norway. Deluxe hard gatefold cover with
a bonus track. Guest vocals Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone. 8 €


Beatrice (Hun) - 78-88 12" DBL LP
Famous Hungarian Rock Band. Rare collection of
Beatrice - 1978 & Beatrice - 1988 albums. 12 €
Media Condition: Near Mint
Sleeve Condition: Good with some little crease.
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Hear'n Aid - Hear'n Aid 12" LP
Hear 'N Aid is a non-profit collection with a lot of
wordwide famous Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands. 3 €
Media Condition: Mint condition
Sleeve Condition: Good with some little crease.
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Hypnosia (Swe) - Violent Intensity 10" MLP
[Soulseller Records ‎/ 500 hand-numbered copies]
Rare fast Old Shcool Thrash Metal MLP from Sweden. 35 €
Media Condition: Mint (never played)
Sleeve Condition: Good with some little crease.
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Iron Maiden (UK) - No Prayer For The Dying 12" LP
[MMC Records]
Classic Heavy Metal album from the Masters. 23 €
Media Condition: Very good
Sleeve Condition: Good with some little crease.
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Pokolgép (Hun) - Metál Az Ész 12" LP
The fourth album from the Hungarian kult Heavy Metal band. 15 €
Media Condition: Very good
Sleeve Condition: Good
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V/A: Welcome To The Metal Zone 12" LP
[PGP RTB ‎& Music For Nations]
Various songs from British and American
Heavy Metal & Hard Rock bands from the 80ies. 3 €
Media Condition: Very good
Sleeve Condition: Good with some little crease.
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