I'm always open for a personal trade, but just NunSlaughter materials
interest for my collection. I do have a want list which I'll send you
personally upon request, you're welcome to send your available list in
case you want to trade.


NunSlaughter (Usa) - Unholy Hell 8" EP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Satanic Sluts 7" EP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - All Of The Dead CD
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Eastern Illusion 12" LP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Novel Nasty Nugget 12" LP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - DemoSlaughter 7" EP Box set
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Slutty Cryptic Mother 7" EP
NunSlaughter (Usa) - Radical Rapture Ruptures 12" LP
NunSlaughter (Usa) / SMG (My) - Death Is Fun / Untitled 7" EP
NunGrinder edition with obi strip/sticker
NunSlaughter (Usa) - South East Asia Rehearsal lathe 7" EP
black colour cover version.
NunSlaughter (Usa) / Nekrofilth (Usa) - Split 12" LP Picture LP version

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